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Our mission and the commitment of our dedicated Board of Directors
We recognize the need and aim to meet the challenge

Children struggling with poverty at home have a difficult time succeeding in school. They are also at a greater risk for long-term health problems.

Children living below the poverty line are more likely to live in problem neighbourhoods. They are more likely to suffer from medical conditions and ailments. Many are not getting the nutrition they need to face each day of learning. Over 15,000 children in Ottawa visit a food bank at least once a month.

Our Foundation strives to offer help to the children in our schools who need it most. By helping provide the basic necessities of life – like food, shelter, and clothing – we can give them a better chance for success.

We can help change their future for the better. We can help provide them with what they need to get through the day. We can pack their parachute.

Helping Children

Packing Parachutes

Charles Plumb was a US Navy jet pilot in Vietnam. After 75 combat missions, his plane was destroyed by a surface-to-air missile. Plumb ejected and parachuted into enemy hands, where he spent six year as a prisoner of war. Years later, he was sitting in a restaurant when a man recognized him. Captain Plumb wondered how this man knew so much about him. When asked, the man replied "I know because I packed your parachute. I guess it worked."

Captain Plumb reflects on how many times he must seen this man for the work he was doing to ensure that the pilot's parachutes were all packed properly.

Read more about how this story inspires us to help others in a way which will change their lives.

Read the inspirational story of Charles Plumb

Our Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from local community organizations and professional educators who are committed to helping children in our schools living in impoverished circumstances.
Nicola Benton, Chairperson
Elementary Principals' Representative, Ottawa Catholic School Board
Cathy Philpott, Vice-Chairperson
Community Representative
Denise Andre, President
Director of Education, Ottawa Catholic School Board
Gayle Carrozzi, Treasurer
Manager of Finance, Ottawa Catholic School Board
Spencer Warren, Director
Trustee, Ottawa Catholic School Board
Mark D. Mullan, Director
Chairperson, Ottawa Catholic School Board
Mara Torcaso, Director
Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association (OECTA)
Brid McDonald, Director
Secondary Principals' Representative, Ottawa Catholic School Board
Mathew N. Mathew, Director
Archdiocese of Ottawa
Denis Belanger, Director
Knights of Columbus
TBD, Director
Catholic Women's League (CWL)
Roxeanne Marberl, Director
Catholic School Parents' Association of Ottawa (CSPA)
Caleb Reid, Resource, Student Representative
Student Trustee, Ottawa Catholic School Board
Nate Waddell, Resource, Student Representative
Student Trustee, Ottawa Catholic School Board
Hilary Close, Resource, Executive Director
Corporate Affairs, Ottawa Catholic School Board
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The Catholic Education Foundation of Ottawa is a registered charity whose objective is to counter the effects of poverty on Ottawa Catholic School Board students. We are an independent charitable arm of the school board. All of our proceeds are directed to educational programs, recreational activities, and emergency response funds for impoverished children and their families. The Board of Directors meet regularly to ensure that the overall mission of the Foundation is kept clearly in focus.